displacement, return, magenta.

A barrier island of fabled beaches
Material deposits here. Agitates sediment as it trains along the
sea floor.
Currents are lessened by underwater terracing.
The waves retreat and the beach is redistributed; finer materials
are reclaimed by the sea.
A hierarchy in place.
The image is rotated.

A vast arid region; everything is bleached and brittle and over-
worked. Sea-weathered gravel is replaced by great rock facets,
cut from past land movement. All surfaces flash white.
The desert dust kicks up at the feet of glacial erratics.
And settles again.
The rocks lose their scale.

Plain paper fed through a printer.
The print heads sit down on the paper surface with each pass.
Distributes the ink generously; and the paper is pulled through,
too quickly.
Lining the surface in clumsy magenta.

N. Davis (2015)